• We Provide Thurston County Residents with
    No Cost Senior Living Placement 

    Our no cost service is truly a labor of love; a company founded on care and support.

Why Choose Sage Senior Care?

We have a passion for what we do, and we derive a great sense of fulfillment by helping individuals and families find the proper placement for themselves. We are not a lead generator; we are a hands-on placement service that values the human touch & our step-by-step support system as guiding principles. We dedicate our time and expertise in assisting our clients to find services or service providers that can meet their unique needs and care requirements.

There comes a time when you or your loved one may start to question if it is safe for them to continue to live independently in their own home. That time comes with a great deal of questions and fear on how to start the process. We understand how challenging this process can be, with our expertise we are able to soften the process for you and your family.

Meet Your Trusted SAGE Advisor

We Provide Guided Support, Every Step of the Way

Over the last several years, Sage Senior Care Advisors has personally toured and evaluated over 500 senior living options, that we can count on to provide excellent care for your loved ones. Our staff has established roots in their local community, and they build personal relationships with homes and care facilities in those communities. 


Your Sage Senior Care Advisor will schedule guided facility tours for you based on your selections. By “guided”, we mean a Sage Advisor is with you every step of the way. 

This makes Sage Senior Care Advisors uniquely suited to help guide families through the difficult transition of senior placement.

How It Works

Is now the time to make this decision? How do I start to have this conversation with my parents? How will we pay for this?  Your Sage Advisor will meet with you, evaluate your loved one's needs and lifestyle, preferences, and budget, developing a personalized plan at no cost to you. Our professional assessment can assist you to determine if the timing is right to consider a move into senior living. You are not alone! 


    1. ​During the initial call, we will explain the scope of services that are offered at no charge to your family. From there we will schedule a visit to meet with your family in the comfort of your own home.
    2. During our visit, we will complete an assessment to include the lifestyle and budget of the Senior and identify and address the key areas of concern of both the Senior and their family members. Together you will develop a plan of next steps.
    3. The personalized plan will identify the specific Senior Living Options that best meet the social and health needs based upon the results of the assessment.
    4. Your advisor will then check availability and schedule tours for the chosen Senior Living Options. Accompany your family in visiting each community, sharing unbiased insights & recommendations to help assure that all your concerns are addressed.
    5. As your family embarks on the decision making your advisor will be there to help answer any unanswered questions to ensure you have all the tools to select your Senior Living Option. At the end of this process, the right decision becomes apparent.
    6. Should your family need additional resources your advisor has a network of trusted partners in the community, such as Veteran’s benefits, Medicaid, Elder Law Attorneys, Physicians, Geriatric Care Managers, Home Health Agencies, and Certified Senior Movers.
    7. Your advisors will then complete the process by being present for the senior’s day of move in providing you with peace of mind and a helping hand. 
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This is a Heading

What is the best fit for your collective family? 

​Remember, this is a choice that affects everyone.

Whether it’s just time to make the move to an assisted facility & ease the stresses of living alone or you’ve received a doctor’s directive & your family has made the difficult decision to explore senior housing for your loved one; you are now faced with the overwhelming task of educating yourself on available options and unfamiliar terminology. 

There are copious amounts of options that range from round-the-clock care to independent communities where you or your loved one can come and go as they please. And with that, there are also a multitude of financial concerns to navigate, all while you are trying to balance decision on what’s best for you or your family member. Learn more about the different housing options below.

Senior Living Options

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This is a Heading

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