Your SAGE Advisor


Born and raised into caring for seniors, I spent my childhood growing up in my mother and grandmother's Adult Family Home. I was born into a family of big hearts and knew from the age of 12 that I too was going to follow in their footsteps, building my career working to serve my elders.
​Over the past 14 years, I worked in every avenue of senior living trying to find my calling, provided me with priceless knowledge and experience that I use every day today. Starting my career working as a caregiver in adult family homes, working my way through their management. After spending 6yrs in the adult family home settings I decided it was time for a change. It was then that I went to work managing a home care company where we provided in-home care to seniors. Feeling like there were too many others needing different levels of service that we could not provide I moved on a few years later. This is when I landed in senior living communities. Representing assisted living facilities that would provide the oversight, activities and care many seniors were looking for. After working in different communities over the next several years I still felt I wasn’t doing enough. There were too many people who I still wasn’t able to help. ​​I wanted to do more, I never wanted to turn away a senior in need. There had to be a way that I could help serve my elders in a bigger way. Having the knowledge and experience of working in all of these different senior living options, it was natural to roll it all together, which put me in a position as a Senior Living Advisor. ​As your experienced, trusted advisor, I am humbled to support my clients through one of the most difficult times of their lives, accepting home is no longer the best place for them and embarking on their journey into senior living. ​Using my knowledge and expertise in helping my families formulate a suitable transition and navigating through all the options. Guiding them to the very best for their loved one. 

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